Zaporizhia Institute of Economics and Information Technologies


Zaporozhye Institute of Economy and Information Technology is a non-governmental higher educational institution of the fourth level. Legal grounds for the educational activities of the Institute are licensed private higher education institution «Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technology»

Over the years Institute  significantly expanded research areas. In the last five years, the scientists of the Institute executed state budget research projects worth more than 6 mln. USD. Research carried out for the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. In order to conduct basic and applied research in 2007 founded the Center for Applied Research and Development «Open Economy», which in September 2011 converted into a research laboratory for International Security and Security business. Research results Laboratory reflected in guidelines and publications of the International scientific and practical seminar in 2008, 2011 and 2012, respectively.

The Institute actively collaborateswith leading scientific institutions and universities ofUkraine, European countries , including the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Demography and Social Studies. MV Ptukha Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Industrial Economics of NAS of Ukraine; Academy of Financial Management at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; Regional Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies (m. Lviv); Volyn Chamber of Commerce; Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce; University of Leeds (UK);University of Bradford (UK);Almamer Higher School of Economics (Poland); University of Economics and Informatics Vistula (Poland); Technology business in inkubaktor. Stalowa Wola(Poland), Leon Kozminski Academy (Poland), Academy of education (Georgia).

Information about Faculties ofZaporozhye Institute of Economy and      Information Technology 

Specialty Economic Cybernetics

The program is aimed at mastering the basics of basic knowledge and practical knowledge of information technology and computer systems, basic skills of their practical application in different sectors, acquiring basic skills in analyzing business processes, forms the basis promising way of thinking, the ability to apply new ideas in business

Perspectives for students  after graduation:

Graduates can work as businesses, institutions, banks, insurance companies, stock markets, at the state and local governments; for small and medium enterprises as business analysts, developers of WEB-sites, IT- specialists.

  • Director (Head) of small industrial enterprises (companies)
  • Economist Computing (Information and Computing) center
  • Economist on accounting and business analysis
  • Economist contract and pretentious works
  • Economist Planning
  • Economist financial work
  • Specialist-analyst commodity market research
  • Efficiency Enterprise Consultant
  • Manager (manager) in providing information
  • A specialist in economic modeling of environmental systems
  • Specialist business efficiency
  • Consultant on Economic Issues
  • DBA;
  • Analyst Computer Communications
  • Programmer (database)
  • Mathematics and Operations Research Analyst

Specialty Finance,Banking and Insurance

Working area financier — planning and management of financial flows. The main task of the financier — to plan where to invest; shares purchased and how to sell their; able to efficiently manage funds and find ways to reduce costs and increase profits efficiently manage revenue and profitability to exercise financial control; choose effective forms of payment and payment terms; navigate the tax, to be able to protect savings from inflation. Future financier should have analytical thinking, strategic thinking, be responsible, careful, decisive, able to take risks.

Modern Chartered Bachelor or Master in Finance, Banking and Insurance can realize themselves in various professional fields, including:

  1. Financial and credit— development and use of different accounting systems and cost estimates for expenditure and revenue, financial estimates, the development of credit operations and control them, financial planning, advising on real estate transactions (sale, purchase, merger of firms).
  2. Fiscal— calculation of taxes, their calculation (control number) and deductions; budget planning.
  3. Investment— investment to support and expand capital. Investments sold by lending direct cost of funds and purchase of securities.
  4. Regulatory guidance— Development and implementation of financial and statistical reporting, financial statements.
  5. Insurance— Work with insurance documents.
  6. Foreign-economic— economics and organization of production (work in conditions of constantly changing economic conditions).

Management Specialty ofZaporizhzhyaInstituteof Economics and InformationTechnologies

Fierce competition in society requires each organization to have a person who is capable of having at its disposal a certain amount of material and human resources to implement them as efficiently as possible for the benefit of the organization and each of its employees.

If you are looking to manage the production process, if you wish to effectively manage people — you have to learn to «Management»

Main directions of specialty

  • Departments of government bodies and authorities;
  • economic departments of institutions, organizations and enterprises;
  • personnel agency, human services personnel departments of enterprises and organizations;
  • departments of banks;
  • Customs authorities;
  • insurance, investment, pension companies and organizations;
  • rationalization of departments and quality management of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • financial and economic departments of enterprises;
  • investment and venture companies and organizations;
  • rationalization of departments and quality management of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • leadership, managerial and economic positions.

Marketing specialty of   ZaporizhzhyaInstituteof Economics and InformationTechnologies

Related to planned (including forecasting), analytical, project and marketing management in enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership and economic activity, particularly in the following divisions and departments:

  • marketing;
  • supply;
  • marketing;
  • production;
  • international relations;
  • planned economy;
  • quality control;
  • marketing research;
  • advertising and PR,
  • as well as in public administration at all levels,
  • in schools,
  • research institutions, etc.
  • for the independent exercise routine, diagnostic, research and design problems,
  • implementation of difficult economic calculations
  • Management experts lower official level,
  • teaching
  • research.

Specialty of Enterprise, trade and stock exchange activity of ZaporizhzhyaInstitute Economics and InformationTechnologies

The purpose of the educational program — to provide education in the field of business, exchange business and trade focused on the theoretical and practical knowledge of the organization and conduct of business affairs, their own business in the production and trade transactions on the exchanges and carry out training of students at a level that will ensure them to continue their education to obtain higher qualifications and degrees.

     Specialty of Law of ZaporizhzhyaInstitute Economics and Information    Technologies

The purpose of the educational program is to acquire the competences necessary for understanding the nature and functions of law, the content of its basic legal and institutes, the application of law, as well as the limits of legal regulation of various social relations; formation of knowledge about: basics of behavior of individuals and social groups; creation of law, its interpretation and application; the legal values of the principles as well as the nature and content of the legal institutions of the basic branches of law; ethical standards of the legal profession.

If you like the fascinating process of website development, 3D-models, computer games and other programs, then you should choose training in the specialty «Software Engineering»!

Main places of work for graduates of facultyof ZaporizhzhyaInstitute Economics and InformationTechnologies

Graduates may be software development and support organizations, independent software testing agencies.

  • creation of software, including in the field of Internet technologies, network and communication software;
  • designing interactive user interfaces;
  • database design and development;
  • software testing and quality assurance;
  • analysis of projects and programs of ready-made systems, analysis of needs and problems of users, search for the best solutions;
  • development, production, delivery and documentation of custom software;
  • consulting in the field of software design and development.

Information about Computer Engineering Specialtyof ZaporizhzhyaInstitute Economics and Information    Technologies

      The acquirer will be proficient in basic and applied sciences, computer aided design of computer systems software and their components, mathematical and computer modeling, information technology, professional applications, modern programming languages. Types of professional activity, which are prepared by graduates who have mastered the bachelor’s program: design and technological; production and technological; organizational and managerial; research; innovative.

Tourism Specialty information of Zaporizhzhya Institute Economics and Information    Technologies

      Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for organizing and conducting their own business in the field of tourism, ensuring its competitiveness. The program allows you to comprehensively study the specifics of tourism activities and features of tourist services taking into account the environmental factor.

Specialty Public administration and administrationof ZaporizhzhyaInstitute Economics and Information  Technologies

  Public administration is about finding the best way to use resources for achieving priority goals social development jointly organized by the government, representative power and civil society.

The features of the program are to ensure the effective functioning of state and local authorities, civil society institutions, public associations, non-profit organizations, international non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental bodies and structures, scientific and educational institutions.

Accomodation and housing

In Student dormitory  you have the opportunity to live in one of our high quality, modern  rooms. Your studio is fully furnished, and contains a large kitchenette and an individual bathroom. In our dorm, you’ll find everything you need to feel at home, and at the same time close to the international community that inhibits Student Depot during the studies.

About Zaporozhye

Zaporozhye or Zaporizhia (Zaporizhzhia), former Aleksandrovsk (before 1921), is a city on the Dnieper River, the administrative center of the Zaporozhye region, one of the largest administrative, industrial, and cultural centers of the south of Ukraine, a river port and an important railway junction.

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